UGEARS – unique mechanical wooden models which move on its own! The models produce motion using rubber bands, cranks, gears and gravity.

A unique ecological wooden gift, brings the true joy of being creative with your hands and minds.

All parts are made of sustainable, eco-friendly wood. Each UGEARS kit comes with step by step color assembly instructions, assembles without glue and special tools and fits together like a puzzle thanks to our patented plywood joints.

Each item is easily located on the numbered sheets of high grade plywood. The fit of components is very accurate and precise having been cut with great precision.

Assembling the UGEARS models is interesting for grown-ups and kids alike. This fascinating hobby will get you off the smartphones and tablets for a few hours.

UGEARS сollection includes 20 mechanical models in which everything is real. Some of the models have real life prototypes, some are genius inventions of UGEARS’ engineers. They are educational both during assembly and as the end result.

Discover the UGEARS world at https://ugearsmodels.com


NATURAL. Made from wood materials. UGEARS models are produced in Europe from high quality wooden materials. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

NO GLUE CONNECTION. Assembling without glue and chemicals. UGEARS models don’t need glue or special tools to connect parts. which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting. You can assemble them at home on the table. All you need is your own hands, patience, and assembly instructions.

SELF-ASSEMBLY. Parts are already cut and ready to assemble. Models are equipped with everything needed for assembly. The quality of the parts is very high – a laser method is used for cutting items from a plywood board. Firstly, you put the smaller parts together to form the large blocks: which will altogether complete the whole model.

MECHANICAL. UGEARS model s produce motion , are self-propelled. Instead of a simple static display, each model is capable of a unique and fascinating range of self-powered movements, all without batteries, and some of them can go up to 5 meters!

UNIQUE DESIGN. Each UGEARS model are not just a construction kit, but a piece of art and a great idea of perfect mechanism embedded in each design. Putting them together, you bring the idea to life . The beautiful structure of gears is not only creating motion, but also looks beautiful as home decoration.

EDUCATIONAL. Each UGEARS model brings rewarding feeling of assembling with your own hands, inviting you and your beloved into the awesome and cool world of mechanics. Assembling models is a great fun and trending hobby for grown-ups and kids alike. Dedicated to teaching the craft of woodworking, with a hefty dose of humor and realism, UGEARS puzzling unites parents and kids, fathers and sons. It’s unforgettable time which you share with your beloved ones making real things together.